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If you want to enhance the appearance of your home, one of the best places to begin is by choosing the right windows and doors to complement the house’s original architectural style. Our team at Martin & Sons LLC has the knowledge and expertise to help guide your decisions toward the best results.

Why Is It Important to Match the Windows and Doors to the House’s Architectural Style?

The functions provided by a house’s windows and doors are multi-purpose. Not only are these features decorative, but they also shield the home’s inhabitants from weather and other elements. They also provide light and ventilation, as well as expand visibility. However, their emphasis on enhancing the house’s overall design is one of the most important features when it comes to increasing the resale value of a house as well.

The ability to unify the doors, windows, balconies, and other elements of a home is vital when it comes to fortifying the main architectural theme. Not only does this enhance the appearance of the house, but it can also raise its value. If the doors and windows blend naturally with the original architectural style of the house, the effect is a cohesive design that makes sense.

Preserve the Historical Integrity of a House With Complementary Windows and Doors

If your house is a historical dwelling that was built in a particularly interesting era, choosing windows and doors that match the home’s original architectural style can be significant. For instance, houses built during the Victorian era might be more affected by having authentically styled windows and doors than a simple ranch-style house built in the 1970s. Buyers who are history buffs tend to want the style of the house to preserve historical integrity and maintain the overall authenticity of the design.

The design of the windows and doors should provide a cohesive interior that dictates how much natural light shows in particular areas, what the views will be like, and how these things will influence the overall design of the house’s interior.

Doors and Windows With Superb Energy Efficiency

Not only does our team at Martin & Sons LLC understand the various styles of windows and doors, but we also know how important it is to provide the most energy-efficient styles to lower energy costs.

With a growing number of homeowners across the country showing concern about their global footprint, it only makes sense to select windows and doors that have superior energy efficiency. This means windows and doors that are constructed from materials that provide the best insulation, including glazing with multiple layers and doors with cores that are fully insulated so air cannot go through them.

Many of today’s energy-efficient windows and doors have what is known as “low E” glass. This type of glass has a very thin coating that is chemically devised to reflect heat. When winter rolls around, it keeps the heat on the inside of the house. During the hotter months of the year, however, it reflects the heat away from the house so that it can stay cooler inside.

Frames, Weatherstripping, and Sealing

Energy-efficient doors and windows that are constructed from frame materials such as vinyl, fiberglass, or composites offer superior insulation and are resistant to warping or cracking that can result from extreme weather conditions. When manufacturers pay close attention to the weather stripping and sealing around the doors and windows, air cannot leak through from the outside to the inside to alter the room’s temperature, nor from the inside out, which has the potential to be a real energy waster. Higher-quality weather striping will minimize any air leaks and provide more stable room temperatures.

Sun Control

Even windows and doors that are made to look like the original windows and doors on a period home can benefit from the addition of tints and coatings to control the effect of the sun. These subtle coatings and tints work to control the gain of solar heat and reduce the load placed on hot weather air conditioning systems. They increase energy efficiency tremendously, which lowers the cost of utility bills for homeowners.

All of these things collectively help reduce the energy consumption that is required for heating and calling a house. Their prime function is to lower energy costs while maintaining a more comfortable environment for comfortable living. The fact that they can look like an original part of the architectural design is an added benefit, as well.

Vinyl Windows

In some cases, vinyl windows are the best answer for energy efficiency and architectural integrity. This durable and affordable choice offers low overall maintenance and is one of the most energy-efficient choices out there. However, they are not always suitable for all architectural styles or window locations. For instance, it is not good to use vinyl windows in areas that face the sun for long hours. In this case, wooden windows are more appropriate. This is only one reason why an expert should be consulted prior to purchasing the windows and doors for your home.

Ask a Martin & Sons LLC Expert to Help You Make the Right Choices

Our team at Martin & Sons LLC is available to consult with you to decide your specific needs and to demonstrate all the options that are available for making the right choices for your windows and doors. Our expert insight can provide options, such as doors that appear to be original and that match the architecture of the house but that are made with more contemporary and energy-efficient materials. 

We strive to provide reliable and trusted services for each customer we work with. Due to our dedication toward customer satisfaction, we have been named one of the best window companies in St. Louis in 2024.

Our experts work hard to listen to the needs of our clients and to provide them with friendly service and a variety of choices to suit both their ideal home improvement plans and their budgets. We are happy to answer any questions and discuss a variety of options that will meet the needs of the homeowner without breaking the bank. Contact our team today by calling 314-839-0700 to schedule a free estimate.


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