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New Windows and Doors Can Refresh Your Home’s Curb Appeal

new windows and doors

Curb appeal is essential, whether you’re trying to sell your house or you just want to make it look better and more inviting for you and your family to come home to. While there are a lot of great ways to add to the appeal of your home, new windows and doors can make a significant difference in what people see when they drive by or stop over to see you. You can also get additional benefits, such as reduced noise from outside and lower energy bills with increased comfort.

Assess Your Current Windows & Doors

The first step toward getting new windows and doors is assessing what you already have. For example, if you aren’t happy with the look of your current windows, you may want to think about what you’d like to change. Do you have trouble opening your windows? Do they stick when it’s damp outside, or let in too much heat and dust during summer? Likewise, if they’re not easy to clean, or the screens keep coming out, that can mean it’s time for a replacement and upgrade.

Your exterior doors are further vital considerations. They should open and close easily, keep out drafts, and look good at the same time. There’s no reason to settle for doors that aren’t meeting your needs when you can get something you like better with our team here at Martin & Sons LLC. Plus, even painting a door can only accomplish so much to change the look and feel of it, and you may also want to get an entirely new kind of door, such as metal instead of wood. With us, you can make your home look great with just a few easy changes.

Think About the Look You Have Now

When you look at your home, what do you see? You probably see a place with a lot of memories, but if you consider it objectively, are there things you would change? Often, older windows and doors can really reduce your curb appeal and make your house look dated or boring. It may even look older than it is or not seem as well-maintained as it ought to. 

Even though you take great care of your home, new windows and doors can be a game changer for how it looks to you and to others. Especially if you’ve had your home for a while or you haven’t upgraded since you bought it, new windows and doors can give it the refresh it really needs without breaking the bank. 

There are many good options that will change the appearance of your house, even if you aren’t changing anything else. Bright new windows and a door with a pop of color, for example, can wow a potential buyer if you’re trying to sell. They can also make you smile when you come home, which provides a lot of value in and of itself.

Plan for a Budget and Time Frame

Before starting on your journey to update your home with new windows and doors, take a careful and honest look at your budget, as well as the timeline you’re considering. Both of those are very important because you don’t want to overextend yourself or have significant delays when getting the work done. The goal is to find new windows and doors you really like and that fit your budget. Then, you want to get them installed quickly and efficiently by installers who know what they’re doing.

The peace of mind that comes with adequately budgeted work is paramount. Homeownership can give you a lot of confidence and comfort, but it’s also something you have to take seriously because it comes with significant responsibilities. Updating and upgrading your home is part of that because you want it to hold its value. When you set and stick to a budget and time frame, you get the most from making crucial changes to your home, such as choosing new windows and doors.

Consider the Updated Look New Windows & Doors Will Offer

Make sure you’re taking what you currently have to work with into account so you select doors and windows that fit the type and style of your house. It makes sense to upgrade and even to choose something fun, but you still want what you pick out to go with the rest of your space. Whether you’re looking for one pop of color on an otherwise neutral house or you want the windows and doors to draw the eye, making everything cohesive will generally offer the most value.

If you’re considering upgrading your siding, getting new windows is a great time to do that, as well. Then, you can have everything done at once, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is appropriately protected from the elements. Siding and windows are often handled together, so trim doesn’t have to be removed later to install the siding and then replaced afterward. Planning projects together may also reduce your overall cost and make things more convenient.

Discuss the Options You Have to Choose From

Don’t make any decisions on new windows and doors before you’ve looked around at the options you have available to you. Depending on the size of your windows, you may have plenty of options or just a few. Custom windows are typically more expensive than something that’s a stock size, too. So, some people choose to change the size of their windows when they update them.

Knowing all your options matters because it gives you the details you need to make an informed decision. Not only will that potentially save you time and money, but it could also make it easier for you to get the increased curb appeal you want and need. Then, you can sell with confidence or just enjoy living in your upgraded space.

Make Sure You Choose a Trusted Company

If you’re in St. Peters, St. Charles, Creve Coeur, Maryland Heights, or Chesterfield, MO areas, get in touch with us today at Martin & Sons LLC for the new windows and doors you’re looking for. We have a great selection of options and trusted installers you can rely on to make your home look and feel great. Contact us online or give us a call at 314-839-0700 to get started on your journey to new doors and windows to upgrade your home.


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