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Major Problems Caused by a Leaky Roof in St Peters, MO

Leaky Roof

Having a roof that leaks can be extremely frustrating to deal with. Unfortunately, the problems do not stop there. A leaky roof can lead to serious damage to your home from the roof all the way down to its foundation. Unfortunately, there are instances where leaks in roofs are inevitable. Whether your leak was caused by the weather, age, or another catastrophic event, it is vital to address the issue as soon as possible to prevent further damage. 

Problems Caused by a Leaky Roof

There are several problems that can arise throughout your home as a result of a leaky roof. 

Ceiling and Attic Damage

After water seeps through the roof, the first thing that it usually comes into contact with is your attic. Once inside, water can cause significant damage to the walls, floors, and ceilings. A leaky roof can result in stains, darkening, and other damage to the roof, requiring a restoration. Depending on the severity, these damages can result in the need for several hundreds to several thousands of dollars in repairs. 

Damage to Insulation

As water enters your home from a leaky roof, it can cause severe damage to your insulation. The insulation in your attic is typically the first area that is affected. Once water touches the insulation, it can cause it to clump up. This renders it ineffective when it comes to keeping the cool or warm air inside of your home. It is important to inspect your roof regularly to determine if there is any damage to the insulation so that you can remedy the issue in a timely manner. Wet insulation that is not attended to can cause serious problems for your attic space, your home, and the air you breathe.

Mildew and Mold Growth

A leaky roof can result in serious health consequences. One of the most common is the growth of mold and mildew in your attic and inside your home. When water penetrates through the roof, it can be absorbed into the wood, insulation, drywall, and other areas of your home. This can create a moist environment that encourages the growth of mold and mildew. Spores can then pass through your HVAC system and cause severe respiratory problems for those suffering from asthma, allergies, compromised immune systems, and environmental sensitivities. These conditions can be hazardous to your health and need to be addressed immediately. In cases where black mold grows, you may be forced to evacuate your home until the issue is cleared. 

Sagging and Damaged Drywall

Drywall is a common material that is used in homes to divide up different rooms and spaces. When the drywall is exposed to water as a result of a leaky roof, it can cause the drywall to buckle, sag, and even fall apart entirely. 

Fire Hazards

Water leaking into your home can increase the risk of a fire occurring. When water penetrates through the roof, it enters into the walls and continues to spread throughout. Unfortunately, it can come into contact with electrical wiring, panel boxes, and even outlets. 

When water touches the wiring and other electrical components, it increases the risk of a fire occurring. To ensure there are no fire hazards in your home after discovering a roof leak, you should consult with an electrician who can inspect your home for any potential sparking or fire hazards. 

Increased Chances of Slip and Falls

Leaks from a roof can enter the home and cause puddles inside. This can create slippery patches on your floors of the attic and, eventually, other layers in your home. Having water puddles on your floors can increase the risk of a slip-and-fall accident that could leave you or another person severely harmed.

 If there is a leak on your roof, you should place a bucket under any spots that you find until you can get ahold of our team at Martin & Sons LLC for an inspection and repair. 

Lack of Energy Efficiency 

A leaky roof can not only cause significant water damage but can also cause a dramatic decrease in energy efficiency. When your roof is leaking, it can be difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. This is due to the fact that air from inside of your home can seep out of cracks on your roof and force your HVAC system to run in overdrive. This can result in a major increase in how much money you are spending to heat and cool your home. As the leak continues to cause damage to your insulation, wood, and other areas of your attic, you can only expect this to worsen. 

It Can Compromise the Structure of Your Home

Even the strongest home can be seriously affected by a leaky roof. When water enters the home, it can cause structural damage. A leaky roof can lead to foundation issues, causing the area to rot and become unstable. In addition, water can cause damage to the following:

  • Insulation inside of your walls
  • Paint on your walls
  • Any plaster areas on your drywalls
  • Wall framing
  • Rafters and ceiling joists
  • Any lights or fans mounted on your ceilings
  • Fascia boards
  • Flooring
  • Exterior trim
  • Furniture
  • Your personal belongings

If you spot any signs of a roof leak, you need to reach out to a professional right away. You will want the problem to be handled by an expert to ensure that the leak does not escalate into more severe problems that could eventually render your home inhabitable. 

Get Help With Your Leaky Roof Today!

If you have a leak in the roof of your home, you need to reach out to our professionals at Martin & Sons LLC right away. Our team can meet with you at your earliest convenience to inspect the roof and pinpoint the problem area for you. We will be able to provide you with a free estimate for repairs and expertly handle the job for you from start to finish. To get started on repairing your leaky roof, contact our St Peters, MO, office today by calling 314-839-0700. 


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