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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Roof Shingles Are Curling

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Shingles that are curled or loose can expose your roof and property to damaging conditions. It is important that your roof always functions properly so that your home and your belongings remain safe and dry. Unfortunately, there are instances where shingles can start to curl over time. 

When your roof shingles curl, they will look wavy and have edges that flare upwards or curve. If you notice curling on your shingles, you must act quickly to identify the cause of the problem.

Top Causes of Curling Shingles

There are several reasons why the shingles on your roof may begin to curl.

1. There Is Poor Ventilation in the Attic

The ventilation system in your roof works to pull outside air in and push air from inside out. When there is inadequate ventilation, it can result in moisture and heat becoming trapped inside your attic. This can cause shingles to start curling up and prevent them from lasting as long as they should. 

2. The Roof Was Not Installed Correctly

Curling roof shingles could also indicate that the roof is not installed correctly. There are very strict guidelines in place to direct how roofs are supposed to be installed on homes. When these guidelines are not followed, it could result in problems. Unfortunately, not following the guidelines can also result in the warranty being voided.

When companies do not store shingles at the correct temperature before installation, it could result in moisture being absorbed into the decking or shingles prior to installation, which can also result in curling.

3. The Shingles Are Defective

In some cases, curling roof shingles may be a result of a defect. It is quite possible that the roof shingles were created with flaws. Even though roof shingle manufacturers are supposed to adhere to strict rules and guidelines during the manufacturing process, there are instances where they fail to do so. In these cases, you will need to have a roofing professional document the issue on your behalf so that you can file a claim with the company for warranty purposes. 

4. The New Shingles Were Placed Over the Old Shingles

There are many instances where homeowners and roofers install new shingles over existing shingles without removing them first. Although this is not technically a code violation, it is not a good idea. The new shingles are often unable to seal properly when they are placed on top of existing roof shingles. As a result, they are more likely to break, curl, or leak. Unfortunately, placing new shingles on top of old shingles can also hide existing problems. 

5. Your Shingles Are at the End of Their Life

As your roof ages, it will begin to perform less adequately. In most cases, asphalt shingles can last between 15 years and 30 years. However, architectural shingles may last up to 50 years. Dealing with harsh weather conditions can impact how long the roof will last.

If you have an older roof on your home, there may be a chance that the curling of your roof shingles is caused by the natural aging process setting in.

Why You Should Address Curling Shingles Quickly

Having a roof that is properly installed is vital for your safety and the safety of your home. Curling shingles can provide opportunities for animals and other pests to enter inside and cause further damage. Repairing the curling roof shingles quickly can decrease the chances of severe damage in the long run. 

Unfortunately, having curling roof shingles can lead to an array of issues that can impact your health, well-being, and pocketbook. These problems include:

  • Leaks: Any gap on your roof has the ability to allow water in when it snows or rains. Water damage can quickly lead to mold and mildew growth, which can be hazardous to your health. It can also result in rotting, which can compromise the entire roof structure.
  • Decreased Air Quality: When the air circulating in your attic is poor, it can increase the amount of moisture trapped in the home. This can also lead to further damage, mold, and other problems.

These problems can escalate into very serious problems very quickly, which means it is vital to address them as soon as possible. 

Tips to Prevent Further Roof Damage

Curling roof shingles on your roof indicate that there is a problem somewhere and your roof is compromised. There are a few things that you can do to prevent roof damage from happening. These include:

  • Perform regular inspections on your roof. If you are not able to do so yourself, you can always reach out to our professionals at Martin & Sons LLC to handle the task for you.
  • Clean your gutters regularly so that they do not become clogged by debris.
  • Remove any debris from the gutters or your roof to prevent any clogging or other problems.
  • Trim all the trees near your home to ensure animals do not hop over and branches do not fall onto your roof.
  • Remove heavy snow after storms to prevent buildups.
  • Arrange a repair at the sight of any loose, curling, or missing shingles.

It is vital to keep an eye on your roof to help mitigate any potential issues. You can always reach out to our roofing professionals to help you identify any problems or to schedule a routine inspection. 

Contact Our St Peters, MO, Professionals for Help

Identifying the cause of your curling roof shingles is critical so that you can take the steps necessary to correct the problem and prevent your roof from suffering further damage. At the sight of any curling on your shingles, reach out to our roofing experts so that we can help you identify the problem and fix it for you.

At Martin & Sons LLC, we take great pride in providing our customers with top-quality services and materials. We will provide you with an inspection to determine the cause of your roof problems and discuss the available options for addressing the problem. To get started, contact our St Peters, MO, location by calling 314-839-0700 to schedule a free estimate. 


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